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Best Java Language Training Center In Patna Bihar


Java is a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It was originally designed for developing programs for set-top boxes and handheld devices, but later became a popular choice for creating web applications.

The Java syntax is similar to C++, but is strictly an object-oriented programming language. For example, most Java programs contain classes, which are used to define objects, and methods, which are assigned to individual classes. Java is also known for being more strict than C++, meaning variables and functions must be explicitly defined. This means Java source code may produce errors or "exceptions" more easily than other languages, but it also limits other types of errors that may be caused by undefined variables or unassigned types.

Unlike Windows executables (.EXE files) or Macintosh applications (.APP files), Java programs are not run directly by the operating system. Instead, Java programs are interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, which runs on multiple platforms. This means all Java programs are multiplatform and can run on different platforms, including Macintosh, Windows, and Unix computers. However, the JVM must be installed for Java applications or applets to run at all. Fortunately, the JVM is included as part of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which is available as a free download.

Core Java Training in Patna

Java is basically an object oriented programming language that links applications to data, data to people and people to their digital lifestyle. It has four pillars of OOPs concepts that makes it a strong platform for software development. So learning Java is more than learning just a programming language.

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More about Core Java Training in Patna

•Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism are the four important Object Oriented Programming features of Java.

• Java is a technology platform which is interconnected with many big technologies such as mobile, web apps, Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, cloud platform and cloud infrastructure.

• Global Training Patna is the best Core Java training center in Patna where you will be exposed to differentiated learning environment as the course syllabus has been prepared by the highly experienced professionals. With this course, you can learn about classes, objects, packages, composition, exception handling, inheritance, generics, serialization, JDBC and lot more. Please check below for the detailed syllabus.

What is special about the Azesto Core Java training in Patna?
  • Azesto Core Java Training Patna is the only institute providing the best Core Java training in Patna. They have top experienced industrial professionals as their trainers; they are working in top rated MNCs and Corporates with years of real time experience. So they will surely boost you to become the best programmer.

  • As their trainers are all currently working, the Core Java training program will be usually scheduled during weekdays early mornings between 7AM to 10AM, weekdays late evenings between 7PM to 9:30PM and flexible timings in weekends. They provideCore Java classroom training, Core Java online training and Core Java weekend training based upon the student’s time convenience. This training will make you to feel like obtaining the best Core Java course and placement support in Patna with moderate Core Java course fees.

  • The practical sessions throughout the course will help you to enhance your technical skills and confidence. Their connections to the job world will surely help you achieve your dream job. So start putting your sincere efforts into practice and grab the wonderful opportunities.

What We Offer ?
  • 25 Hrs Of Classroom Sessions: We deliver 25 hours of highly interactive sessions. If you miss out a class, you can compensate by attending the session in a future batch.

  • 25 Hrs Of Practical Assignments : Each module ends with a quiz and an assignment to test your practical knowledge and technical skills.

  • 20 Hours Project Assignment: At the end of the course, you will be given a final project to polish the technology skills you have acquired with us.

In-depth and All-inclusive Curriculum Team of professional who have good experience in C programming development has checked our course curriculum in detail and approved it. We ensure to update and shape it every time to give the most in-depth course curriculum to our candidates. Career Mentorship Highlighting your skills in the right way can win you the right place. Our faculty will give proper guidance to you in creating a professional resume spotlighting your technical skills. They will also steer you through mock interviews and a winning career plan.

Azesto Core Java Training in Patna Syllabus ?

1. A First Look:
  • A Simple Java Class

  • Java’s “Hello World” Program

2. Java Basics:
  • Language and Platform Features

  • Program Life Cycle

  • The Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

3. Class and Object Basics:
  • The Object Model and Object-Oriented Programming

  • Classes, References, and Instantiation

  • Adding Data to a Class Definition

  • Adding Methods (Behavior)

4. More on Classes and Objects:
  • Accessing data, the “this” variable

  • Encapsulation and Access Control, public and private Access

  • Constructors and Initialization

  • static Members of a Class

  • Scopes, Blocks, References to Objects

5.Flow of Control[briefly due to attendee experience]:
  • Branching: if, if-else, switch

  • Iteration: while, do-while, for, break, continue

6. Strings and Arrays:
  • String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder

  • Arrays, Primitive Arrays, Arrays of Reference Types

  • varargs

7. Packages:
  • Package Overview – Using Packages to Organize Code

  • import statements

  • Creating Packages, package Statement, Required Directory Structure

  • Finding Classes, Packages and Classpath

8. Composition and Inheritance:
  • Using Composition to Deal With Complexity

  • Composition/HAS-A, Delegation

  • Using Inheritance and Polymorphism to share commonality

  • IS-A, extends, Inheriting Features, Overriding Methods, Using Polymorphism

  • Class Object

  • Abstract Classes

9. Interfaces:
  • Using Interfaces to Define Types

  • Interfaces and Abstract Classes

10. Exceptions :
  • Exceptions and the Exception Hierarchy

  • try and catch

  • Handling Exceptions

  • Program Flow with Exceptions

  • finally

11. JDBC :
  • JDBC basics

  • JDBC Architecture

  • Using JDBC drivers & DriverManager

  • Class Connection and connecting to a database

  • Class Statement and executing SQL statements

  • Other statement types

  • Driver types

12. Java Collections and Generics
  • The Collections Framework and its API

  • Collections and Java Generics

  • Collection, Set, List, Map, Iterator

  • Autoboxing

  • Collections of Object (non-generic)

  • Using ArrayList, HashSet, and HashMap

  • for-each Loop

  • Processing Items With an Iterator

  • More About Generics

13. The Java Streams Model
  • Delegation-Based Stream Model

  • InputStream and OutputStream

  • Media-Based Streams

  • Filtering Streams

  • Readers and Writers

14. Working with Files
  • File Class

  • Modeling Files and Directories

  • File Streams

  • Random-Access Files

15. Advanced Stream Techniques
  • Buffering

  • Data Streams

  • Push-Back Parsing

  • Byte-Array Streams and String Readers and Writers

16. Java Serialization
  • The Challenge of Object Serialization

  • Serialization API, Serializable Interface

  • ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream

  • The Serialization Engine

  • Transient Fields

  • readObject and writeObject

  • Externalizable Interface

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